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Eleanor Morris has worked at BBC Media Action (formerly BBC World Service Trust) since 2000. Eleanor started her career in stage management. She joined the BBC as a television Producer/director, later becoming Series Producer. She has worked on major international television projects including Cities, Environment, Developing World, the Shape of the World, the development of democracy and the Pacific World. She has produced and directed television documentaries in India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Mozambique, Mali, Niger, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States. Eleanor is currently working as Senior Projects Manager, Production with BBC Media Action. While at BBC Media Action, Eleanor has had a variety of roles: including Projects Manager in the Asia region focussing on Nepal and India and Projects Manager in the Education team focussing on a number of innovative media projects including:
My Life – BBC Media Action’s first user generated content project with young women in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. Outputs included the girls’ digital stories in Arabic on the BBC Arabic web-site, creative digital story-telling workshops, events in country, final event in Egypt, BBC World debate and a television documentary. The 2015 project – a multi-media project looking at issues around the Millennium Development Goals – including role as Executive Producer on BBC World debates and television documentaries. Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) – a distance-learning project in association with the Open University, The African Virtual University and Universities in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana. I have a right to … a human rights project with 25 Language Services of the BBC World Service and the Right to Refuge in association with UNHCR

Senior Project Manager
Eleanor Morris
BBC Media Action
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