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Fletcher Tembo

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Fletcher Tembo

Fletcher Tembo was a Research Fellow at ODI from January 2007 to July 2013, and has since become an ODI Research Associate, independent consultant and facilitator of the Mwananchi social accountability research and learning platform. He has just spent these past five years conducting action research on transparency and accountability initiatives so as to generate models of how to promote what works in different contexts. This was possible through a five-year multi-country DFID-funded Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) programme called Mwananchi (which stands for ordinary citizen), which Fletcher designed and managed. This programme provided him with much of the hands on research and learning alongside a wide range of local civil society, media organisations, elected representatives and traditional leaders. From the work he published papers such as ‘Citizen Voice and State Accountability: towards theories of change that embrace contextual dynamics’. The main lessons learnt synthesis report/ book has also just been published entitled Re-thinking social accountability in Africa.

Fletcher represents ODI on the World Bank Institute –led Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) partnership group and is developing his own. He also provides learning and research support to the Kenya Drivers of Accountability Programme and is part of the core research teams for multi-donor civil society funding facility in Malawi. He also actively participates in the civil society experts group meetings organized by the UN Commission for Africa for informing meetings of the Governance and Popular Participation Committee

As Research Fellow at ODI, Fletcher also conducted research on donor support models to civil society. He published work on this such as on ‘Multi-donor support to civil society and engaging with non-traditional civil society’; More recently Fletcher facilitated a multi-donor civil society learning event in Africa, culminating into a report a Pan-African report for civil society and donors on supporting empowerment and accountability.

He has a PhD in International and Rural development from the University of Reading. Immediately after his studies, he published a book, ‘Participation, Negotiation and Poverty: encountering the power of images’

Director, Mwananchi Social Accountability Research and Learning
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