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Clarification: Geneva Presentations


Clarification: Geneva Presentations

13 years 8 weeks ago

Ellyn/Ricardo/Renay/Lebo/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya - Hi - many thanks for agreeing to do the presentations at the Geneva meeting on the 29th March really appreciated. Just a quick note through a space that we have created on the online platform for this meeting related to the presentations. I have provided guidance re our expectations for these presentations in both previous notes and in some cases in phone calls or meetings.

I assume you are beginning to draft your presentations. Please do send any further Qs or issues you may have as a comment/reply to this note - then we will all be on the same page. Plus please note that others can see these contributions online - but will not receive them by email. I have included in this loop others engaged in this process from your organisations. So please do fire away with any clarification questions you may have. I would be most happy to respond if possible. Thanks - Warren


Ellyn/Ricardo/Renay/Lebo/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya - Hi - I wonder if I could please check in re where you are at with your presentations for the "Impact Day" on March 29th in Geneva. As previously indicated I would really like us to review each others presentations and provide review comments prior to the actual presentations. Peer review always helps to sharpen and focus the material presented. And, with many of the people attending we will only get one shot at communicating this impact for their attention related to their policies, strategies and investments.

Could I ask please that everyone submit their presentations through this small group - enter a comment and attach - by Monday 21st March. We will then ask for comments from the other presenters by Wednesday 23rd March.

Thanks - Warren

Asiya - Hi - we need to catch up - are you around Wednesday for a call?


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Ellyn/Ricardo/Renay/Lebo/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya - Hi - just a quick reminder to please send through today your draft presentations for the Geneva Impact meeting on March 29th for peer review by the other presenters in this loop (just click on read more below this note, log in if not already logged in, click reply, enter some text, scroll down and attach - I strongly suggest you save the presentation as a pdf before attaching). With many thanks. We are well over subscribed for this event so had a lot of difficulty selecting who would attend. There are high expectations! Best wishes and many thanks - Warren

Renay - thanks for sending

Renay - thanks for sending through the Soul City presentation - much appreciated

Ellyn/James/Kavita/Caroline/Ricardo/Asiya - please do send your draft presentations through today (Thursday) for review by all - thanks - Warren

Hi Warren and fellow

Hi Warren and fellow speakers: I worked on my presentation this week-end but it's not finished yet. Is there a way I could send the draft on wednesday? There are too much things going on here right now, and this is a complex presentation, with lots of data, so it takes time to put it together. Sorry about the delay. Anyone else having the same problem? Best wishes to all!

Warren, one more thing: could

Warren, one more thing: could I send the power point I'm working on as my presentation? Or you are asking for a paper?

Ricardo - thanks - yes - I

Ricardo - thanks - yes - I meant the powerpint - there is no expectation of a paper - my apologies for the confusiion (plus - I did not work from the most recent agenda when amending so Veet's name is erroneously there - will correct - apologies - Warren)

Hi Warren and

Hi Warren and co-presenters....I'm sending a not yet final version of the Soul City presentation....will need to cut down aspects, and a few gaps still to fill. Would value any ideas or feedback...hope this suffices for now... Looking forward to meeting you all next week Renay

Soul City Presentation

Soul City Presentation Comments:

Renay - many thanks for uploading the draft presentation which I just reviewed. It was really helpful to have this in advance and we look forward to the presentatons from others being uploaded and reviewed today. A few comments for your consideration - please do not feel obliged at all to agree with them!:

  1. I ma not sure that slide 3 describes the Research Process - past presentation that I have seen from Soul City had much more specific descriptions of the research methodologies - eg sentinel sites, national surveys, structured and unstructired interviews, etc. This slide seems to be what the sub-heading says - topic identification. The Research process seems to be much more comreheinsvely covered in slides, 14/15/16

  2. In slide 17 is 2003 the latest data available - there was nothing after that? (maybe for very good reaosns like funding)

  3. Slide 18 - Regional Reach 2007 - seems really "dense" - not sure people will be able to get the key elements of this quickly

  4. As slides 20 and 21 - Outcomes - set the overall boundaries or perspectives for what you are measuring should they not come a little earlier in the presentation so that folks can look at the slides that follow in that context - eg now the research and evelaution methodologies make more sense?

  5. Slides 22 to 26 - Imapct - are really the heart of the presentation. I have seen this data before but tried to look at it fresh. One thing I struggled with is what the actual impact is - it will be hard I think for people looking at these slides to reognise quickly. Is it possible to insert - following each imapct slide a new, very basic slide that says what is that impact in text form. For example re Slide 23

A person is 2.7 times more likely to seek counselling and testing if they were expsosed to 4 Soul City Media

(though note that this seems to be an internal Soul City comparison? How does this compare to overall counselling and testing demand rates in South Africa? Or is that the zero rate?)

Or for slide 22 on condom use what is the summary impact point here? I would write it as follows based on the data - but you will be able to write a more accurate sentence.

"People exposed to 4 elements of the Soul City programme will have used a condom during their last sexual activity at rate double that of people who were not exposed to any SOul City programming. And will have used a condom during last sex at a rate 1.3 (approx) times that of the sexually active population across all of South Africa? (52% to 35%)"

  1. I am assuming that slides 22 to 26 are the 5 most compelling items of impact data dfrom the Soul City/Soul Buddyz process over gteh past 15 years? If so would suggets you couch them that way - we were asked to select 5.

  2. Is there no data from Soul Buddyz that makes this top 5 list?

  3. I am not sure re slides 27 to 31 - you have not provided the research context for these and many orgs get this kind of feedback - so it appears - I know you did not intend this but it looks this way - like anecdotal stories

  4. I had trouble understanding slides 32 to 40. This demonstrates the policy impact of the Soul City process it seems. But this section of the presentation ends at slide 38 with the research methodology? I did not see any sumamry of the Soul Cty impact?

  5. From my perspective (but ths is your call) you need some summary slides at the end to wrap this up: - eg

  • Five compelling impact data

  • The strategic implications for others from the SOul City data (what does this all mean)

OK - some quick feedback in the positive spirit of peer review and comment. I look forward to the comments from others. Many thanks for coming to Geneva and doing this - Warren

Hi Warren Thanks very much

Hi Warren Thanks very much for the feedback which I will certainly incorporate as I work on the presentation in preparation for next weeks meeting...

In response to comment on slide 3, I can see that this is confusing...we included this slide to demonstrate the formative research process as part of developing messaging, programming etc, it doesnt refer to the evaluation methodology...I think I'll drop it... Will look at the rest in more detail....

When do you need the final version by? Can I give it to you next week? Kind regards Renay

Renay - thanks again - this

Renay - thanks again - this is a response to your 2nd note - hope you got my first response.

On slide 3 - whether you drop it or not is of course up to you. I just thought it was wrongly labeled. When I look at it again, taking into account the perspectives from your comment above, my own view is it has real value (perhaps amended a little) to demonstrate how the research and evaluation process and results are such integral and dynamic parts of the overall strategic and programming decision process - that res and eval is not a stand-alone, disconnected, hindsight "activity" but a core and living part of how Soul Buddyz/City works.

Sorry to be so unclear the first time - Warren

PS - one other issue - I am little worried at the end dates of some of the data - eg to 2005 - may make it easy for people lo unfairly dismiss?

Hi Warren...a follow-up on

Hi Warren...a follow-up on the very helpful sense from your comment on slides 27-31 is that the meeting will be more interested in quantitative rather than qualitative that correct? The idea of including these qual quotes was to demonstrate the evidence for the process of change from the new SC model of SBCC...though perhaps I need to scale this down and make it a lot clearer...? Thanks Renay

Renay - H - thanks for taking

Renay - H - thanks for taking these comments in such a good spirit and apologies for the typos - I hit the Save button too soon!

On the specific point you raise re qualitative and quantitative data. No, I was not trying to say that the meeting would be more interested in quantitative data that qualitative data. It was just that (for me - others may differ) there was no research methodology context to those slides - they just looked like anecdotal quotes. In fact Soul City/Buddyz could really help all of us related to the value and legitimacy of qual data. But I just thought it needed both (a) the research methodology context (from a solid research and eval perspective how was this collected, according to what accepted research methodologies, etc) and (b) what are the overall results from the analysis of that qual data - what population wide as opposed to personal statement impact does this qual data demonstrate? Hope that helps - feel free to ignore of course as is your presentation - best - Warren

Warren and dear

Warren and dear co-presenters:

Apollogies for not having send my presentation yet. We are still working on it. Since it has a lot of data and looks to a 10 year period, is taking more time to prepare and several people from our organization have been involved. Hopefully tomorrow in the afternoon I can send a draft (although already close to the final version) for you and our other colleagues to comment.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to prepare a one or two pager with information about ANDI that could be distributed to the audience. Since in our case we have only 20 minutes for our presentation, I'm trying not to spend too much time explaining what we are and what we do. This one or two pages could be an alternative. If I send it tomorrow via email, could it be copy on monday and distributed on tuesday?

It was just an idea that passed through mmy mind while preparing the presentation.



Ricardo - thanks - look

Ricardo - thanks - look forward to reviewing the presentation - re a page or two om ANDI - why not prepare it and send as a note and attachment to all through the main dialogue on this platform - Warren


Ellyn/Ricardo/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya/James - Hi - I have just been sent by Soul City a revision of their presentation - it is attached FYI however please note hat it could be further revised.

And...please share...asap... your draft presentations - pretty please - bended knee please!

Thanks - Warren


Ellyn/Lebo/Renay/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya/James - H - attached (in the online network) please find the ANDI (Child Rights News Agency - Brasil) presentation entitled "Journalistic Coverage of Sexual Violence against Children in Brazil". Ricardo/Veet asked me to send it as there were wireless issues in the airport. Please do review and comment - there is still time and Ricardo would very much welcome feedback. Thanks - Warren


Ricardo/Lebo/Renay/Caroline/Kavita/Asiya/JamesHi - Ellyn has just sent through the Polio presentation - entitled "Reaching Every Child Communication for polio eradication India" - please open in Atrium, it is attached as a pdf, review and en comments - many thanks - Warren

Thanks Warren for uploading

Thanks Warren for uploading the presentation. I'm in Lisbon right now, on my way to Geneva. Tonight and tomorrow will be making final adjustments, so your comments and comments from my fellow co-presenters are more than welcome. See you tomorrow!

A big hi to the Tuesday

A big hi to the Tuesday presentation team. Attached please find the BBC WST presentation. It is in two parts due to size. Thanks for reviewing and commenting - best wishes - Warren

PS - I know many of you are reviewing and amending your presentations. When is it reasonable to ask for the final ones to be sent to me so we can organise them in the lap top for Tuesday?

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