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map of how open health education can change the world


map of how open health education can change the world

Sunday, Jun 30
10 years 47 weeks ago

Education modules of maximum 10 minutes length are becoming the greatest entrepreneurial revolution of our times wherever the content is something that millions of youth (in particular) can act on. Right now I am surveying several leaders of bottom up healthcare on what they aim to linkin. If you are interested in 10 minute training modules on health that can change the world please say. From the nearly free nursing college of Grameen and Dr Muhammad Yunus, to the health microfranchise networks of BRAC the world's largest and most collaborative NGO, to several leads that were generated from the wonderful conferences hosted by George Soros and the CEU recently in Budapest

chris macrae Foundation of The Economist's pro-youth economist of the net generation

I was sent a post that longer

I was sent a post that longer videos are sometimes best As often context is critical

In education : attention and opportunity to get into a practice loop with what could otherwise be one-way communication is critical

I am not aware that there is any work on educational videos supporting longer videos- and to the point of the entrepreneurial revolution in online education the two people who have recently scaled massive impacts - koller at and khan at have presented a lot of information on why they designed their platforms around maximum 10 minute training modules

I have spent half of my working life testing persuasion effectiveness of tv advertising. There the famous view is that of the vampire video effect. Splice half a seconds into a 20 second message and it can change what people recall absolutely and accidentally

Back on online education I was lucky enough to be involved with early experiments of students and digital networks in 1972 at UK National Development Project. In the 42 years since, what I can tell you is surveying what 10 minute training modules millions of youth could most valuably be able to interact collaboratively now is the most important work I have ever been involved with.

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