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Mr Condom and Me - Zambia - Boyd Chibale

To: The HIV/AIDS network within The Communication Initiative

Boyd Chibale - BBC Media Action Zambia outlines a Zambian strategy for helping to break the taboos around talking about sex. Please reply by email or click Read More below to ask questions about this initiative and/or add your perspective and knowledge on this important theme.

"Well, I am made of latex, and I come in lots of different brands, shapes and sizes. I am anything from small to extra-large, strawberry and banana flavoured," says Mr Condom, one of the stars of a brand new radio show in Zambia. "Sex is still sweet with me and you save yourself stress about STIs [sexually transmitted infections], HIV and unwanted pregnancies."

Mr Condom appears on Tikambe Natulande, a show broadcast on Radio Mkushi which aims to get young people talking about sex, STIs and how to prevent HIV/AIDS – a taboo subject in Zambia. (Tikambe and Natulande mean "Let's Talk" in Nyanja and Bemba languages respectively).

HIV/AIDS Communication