Citizen Journalism and Effective HIV/AIDS Action

To: The HIV/AIDS Network within The Communication Initiative
From: Warren Feek - Executive Director - The Communication Initiative
Change the World: A Toolkit for Citizen Journalists

Hi and best wishes. I was struck by this contribution to The CI network on the theme of Citizen Journalists with specific reference to HIV/AIDS:

"Citizen journalists are playing an increasingly important role reporting on sensitive issues, such as HIV, particularly in countries where free speech and media access is limited."

Can I please encourage you to review that knowledge summary and comment (you can just reply by email to this note or comment and rate in the summary itself) on these questions or any other points you wish to make:

Q1: In your context is the increasingly prevalent "citizen journalism" process (online, on air and in print) opening up the many sensitive issues around HIV/AIDS for increased public recognition and conversation?

Q2: If that is the case is this contributing, in your context, to an increasingly open dialogue on the often very sensitive issues that are an integral part of the HIV/AIDS scenario in almost all contexts?

Q3: If there is a more open dialogue on these sensitive issues is that helping to accelerate effective HIV/AIDS related action in your contexts?

Thanks for sharing your insights, based on your experiences and insights in your contexts, as a support to others engaged in HIV/ADS action.

Best wishes and thanks


Warren Feek
Executive Director
The Communication Initiative