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Share Your Knowledge


Share Your Knowledge

If you have Word, PDF or other documents related to SBCC and Malaria please upload them here. We are particularly looking for the following types of resource:

  1. Program Descriptions - providing a clear and objective description of Malaria programs or projects and the role that SBCC has played in their implementation.
  2. Strategy Documents - such as creative briefs, communication objectives or other documents that outline the broad, rationale, goals, objectives, target audience etc. for any campaign, series of print or electronic materials, or community conversation initiatives.
  3. Materials - any final print/electronic media produced for public distribution.
  4. Research - any study, Malaria Indicator Survey (MIS), Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP), baseline, endline, and/or reports designed to inform a strategy.
  5. Planning and Evaluation - any documents or briefs that outline the implementation phase of a project or campaign AND measures a behavior change as a result of a communication intervention or evaluates a campaign, program or project.
  6. Training - guides, facilitation material or workshop materials developed to convey skills and/or knowledge.

All you need to do is use the browse button below to find and upload your resource. Soul Beat will review these uploads regularly with C-Change to identify content to be summarised for the Soul Beat Africa theme site. Content that isn't summarised will still remain in this groups for others to review.


These guidelines for Malaria communication are clearly presented and written and could be of real interest to some of you.

Management of Malaria in Nigeria and Uganda

This document looks tat a range of issues related to better management of malaria and contains some relevant information on behavior change communication and some useful examples of materials. I hope some of you find it useful.

Resource on Strategy

I think this resource on malaria monitoring and evaluation indicators will be of interest to some of you in the network.

Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network
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  • Add cases to assign tasks or assignments to yourself and others for completion.
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  • The history of a case - who it's been assigned to, its status and its priority - can be tracked viewing its comment thread.