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Iraq Media Developments - BBC Media Action Critique


Iraq Media Developments - BBC Media Action Critique

To: Media Development Community within The Drum Beat network

There has been a large international development focus on media development in Iraq. Perhaps yourself or colleagues have been involved? BBC Media Action has published a policy briefing "The Media of Iraq Ten Years On: The Problems, the Progress, the Prospects" which is "designed to generate greater understanding of the complex challenges facing support to the media in Iraq and other countries in the Arab region. In short, it argues that the Iraqi media landscape of 2013 has real strengths, as well as weaknesses, which reflect the reality and complexity of modern Iraq."

The policy briefing highlights some lessons learned: Media support needs to be holistic; Media development is a goal in itself; Stakeholders should be carefully mapped; Independent regulation is a useful model; People's expectations of the media are not universal; Public service broadcasting is a challenging necessity; and, Media support must consider market realities. See details in summary form here

From your media development experience are these lessons with which you agree?

If not what lessons do you learn from your media development work?

Thanks for sharing your valuable strategic insights in support of all of our work.


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