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Polio communication: Reflecting on the role of external advisors - Dr Sue Goldstein

Polio Network Editor's Note: This is the first of an occasional series of reflections from people in different roles and places who are nevertheless linked through their work to eradicate polio. This inaugural reflection is from Dr Sue Goldstein who recently participated in a review of Pakistan’s polio communication programme. We welcome responses and further thoughts on the questions Dr Goldstein raises. You can do so by replying to this email or logging on the Polio Network site at

Dr Goldstein is Programme Director for Soul City: Institute for Health and Development Communication and is a member of the Task Force on Immunisation , WHO Afro Region.

Sitting in a room with armed guards permanently outside, I contemplate the nature of communication for development to eradicate polio and the role of monitoring and evaluation in the process. Surrounded in the trip by committed, enthusiastic people working to achieve the polio eradication elimination targets in Pakistan (and the world) it is heartening that such teams are willing to work in dangerous areas (of course many live in such areas without choice). There seems to be so much that the world of development and social change communication can learn from this massive effort.

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