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Science and Media Resources


Science and Media Resources

Many best wishes and thanks for expressing an involvement/nterest in science and media issues and action within the overall Soul Beat Africa network. We just wanted to quickly highlight a couple of relevant resources placed on the Soul Beat Africa Science and Media theme site at and encourage you to share your critical review and reflection on these resources. The three resources follow. To contribute your assessment either open the Read More link below and reply from the social network platform (there is an easy password recovery process if you have forgotten it!) or just reply to this email. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  1. A Guide for African Science Media Officers - from the Wellcome Trust - "...provides practical advice to help media officers working in African institutions improve the communication of scientific research to the public, policymakers, and funders..."
  2. INASP Science Communication Workshop (Mar 26-30 2012) - INASP - "...a training workshop on science communication. The workshop will focus on imparting skills needed for effective science communication..."
  3. Communicating Statistics and Risk - a article that "...proposes that translating statistics and risk in a readily understandable way is crucial to effective science communication...'

Thanks for reviewing and please do submit your science and media related knowledge for sharing though this process - when on the platform at click Create Content and then Create General Forum entry and submit.

With many thanks for your engagement

Soul Beat Africa team

Soul Beat Africa: Science and Media Network
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