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Warren Y Feek

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Warren Y Feek

Warren Feek is Executive Director of The Communication Initiative, a partnership of 23 development organisations that seeks to support people and organisations using media and communication strategies to address development issues. The major activities include a network of development communicators (90,000+), a network contributed knowledge platform of programme experiences, strategic thinking, and evaluation results (35,000+ pages with 1million individual user sessions over the past 12 months, and electronic magazines, for example, The Drum Beat, The Soul Beat and Son de Tambora), plus a range of other community of practice and interaction features. The CI commenced in 1998. Previously Warren worked in lead roles at UNICEF HQ in New York (Health and HIV/AIDS Communication) and The Commonwealth Secretariat (Youth Development). A New Zealander, Warren has a BA Hons Degree in Political Science and Sociology.

Executive Director - The Communication Initiative
Warren Y Feek
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