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Quick note of thanks on last week's consultatoin


Quick note of thanks on last week's consultatoin

Dear Friends,

We want to send a quick note of thank you to EVERYONE for your support in moving towards a global C4D association. Last Thursday and Friday, about 25 C4D practitioners and academics debated and discussed various issues related to forming such an association. We were sorry that not everyone in this network could be with us, and hope to hear from all of you in the coming weeks and months.

We also acknowledge that participation was weighted on the "northern" side, with no participants (outside of UNICEF) coming from Africa, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East or Eastern Europe. So we look forward to getting to know those of you who have joined the network whom we do not know so well.

In the next 3 or 4 weeks, we will share the report with you. It will include the names of individuals who volunteered to form an Organizing Committee with an operational timeline of about 18 months. Others of you may wish to become involved, too, and that will be wonderful.

In the meantime, please feel free to be in touch with me, Rafael or Warren if you have observations or questions about establishing a global association for C4D.

Regards, Paula

Proposed Communication for Development Association
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