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Recent Social and Behavioural Change data for your review.


Recent Social and Behavioural Change data for your review.

Monday, Jun 24
11 years 4 weeks ago

Hi and thanks again for joining the Impact: Social and Behavioural Change community either at the Geneva meeting in 2011 or since that date online. Below are three reasonably recent evaluation summaries of evaluations. When you review these (a) how do you assess their quality standard (eg the methodology) (b) what is your assessment of the impact conclusions that they outline and (c) what strategic implications do you draw from these studies for your work (if any). With many thanks for sharing your analysis in support of all of our work.

Impact Evaluation of the Campaign Violence against Women: A Disaster that We Men Can Avoid

The Impact of Jalan Sesama on the Educational and Healthy Development of Indonesian Preschool Children: An Experimental Study

Improving Communication about the Uncertainty of Clinical Trial Outcomes: Using the Collaborative Production of Song to Facilitate Dialogues between Communities and Clinical Staff about the Risks and Benefits of Research in Johannesburg

Thanks for participating and sharing - Warren

Impact: Social and Behavioural Change
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