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Malaria Training in Africa


Malaria Training in Africa

To the Soul Beat Africa Malaria network,

Part of Soul Beat Africa’s aim with the Malaria themesite is to put people in touch with training opportunities around malaria, with a specific focus on malaria and social and behaviour change communication (SBCC). We have done quite extensive research on the web looking for organisations that provide training opportunities related to malaria in Africa and have found very little overall, and even less related to communication.

For that reason, we have created this discussion group within the Malaria networking space to explore this further. We would love to hear from you but are especially looking for your input on the following questions:

  1. Do you think this reflects the reality out there or are we missing something? Could there be, for instance, a lot of internal training happening or field training that isn't widely advertised?

  2. If you think we're correct and there isn't much training happening, what do you think are the reasons for why there are so few opportunities related to malaria in general, and around malaria and SBCC specifically.

  3. We'd also like you let us know what kind of training you think is most required for those working in Malaria prevention and treatment.

- SBCC - Advocacy - Media - Medical Science - Programme Management - Other

  1. Finally, if you know of any training opportunities taking place in Africa or for Africans, especially those related to communication, please share them with us.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Malaria Workshop

To the Malaria Network members,

MEASURE Evaluation, in partnership with the School of Public Health, University of Ghana, is running a Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria Workshop for Health Professionals in Africa. For more information, see Note: the deadline for application is Friday, April 13 2012.

Also, please let us know if you are running or if you know of any malaria workshops in Africa. Many thanks, Anja

Re: [Development Networks] Malaria Training in Africa

Dear Anja,

Thank you very much for the information on Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria Workshop to be organised by MEASURE Evaluation, in partnership with the School of Public Health, University of Ghana. It is a welcome news that such a workshop is being organised in Ghana for Health professionals in Africa. There are many malaria control interventions currently on-going across Africa to help curb the menace of malaria which according to reports has been yielding significant results. It is however necessary to equip researchers and health professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively monitor and evaluate outcomes of such interventions in line with acceptable standards. 

I wish I could personally attend the workshop as  I am currently undertaken a study on malaria prevention in Ghana. Unfortunately the deadline for submission of applications was April 13 , 2012. I will however, contact the workshop coordinator on possibility for late application.


Iddrisu Mumuni

Malaria Training in Africa

I have also been looking for some training opportunities or some of of capacity building that is specific to malaria issues on sbcc and advocacy. I did not find much but there was a lot on HIV/AIDS and TB. I am currently the Health Promotion Coordinator for the National Malaria Control Programme in Swaziland, a country that is heading towards malaria elimination. The challenge we are facing is that as the malaria burden is decreasing in the country, people tend to relax and not prevent themselves from malaria, for instance. Capacity building is required to address SBCC strategies in a low endemic or malaria elimination setting.

Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network
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