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Beyond "Salaam Bombay" outcomes?


Beyond "Salaam Bombay" outcomes?

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12 years 30 weeks ago

Hi and thanks for being part of The Communication Initiative/Drum Beat network including with a particular interest in children related issues. A quick prompt if I may for your engagement and analysis.

Shweta has just submitted this blog: "Media Campaigns for Child Rights: Can we extend the "slum dog millionaire" beyond "Salaam Bombay" outcomes?" See

Just one extract:

"The things that were really MIA were the follow ups from those around them. While a Ms.Universe is able to raise a whole lot of interest in social issues, these kids in the limelight, Azhar Ismail and Rubina Ali and Shafiq Sayyed, were not part of any anti-poverty media campaign and did not become the face of any health or urban sanitation. This is primarily because unlike the movies, which must connect with public to make their work successful, the media campaign of the development agencies continues to follow some dated motto and models. In synthetic environments, full of jargon from global development, with very little local context, the media campaigns are as contrived as they are confusing."

Shweta's piece seemed to me to raise some really interesting issues concerning media and communication strategies related to children, equity and development - including related to whose voice?

It would be excellent if you are in a position to share your analysis and opinions in response to Shweta's piece. Thank you.

There are two ways to do this:

Either complete the ratings and comment form at the end of the blog itself

Or click on the "Read More" link below, log in and post your comment. (Your user name is above and if you have forgotten your password there is a very quick recovery process.

Thanks for sharing your questions, analysis and ideas.

If there are other themes, issues and /or questions not related to this piece please email me at


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