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Local and National Rules..and your Observations from Day 1!


Local and National Rules..and your Observations from Day 1!

Hi folks - here we go with Day 2 of the 5th Entertainment-Education Conference. I attended some fantastic sessions yesterday and came away with a few strategic (hopefully) observations from the knowledge shared. I want to outline two of them below but can I please encourage you to either submit YOUR observations from Day 1 and/or agree or disagree with my note below. Just click on the READ MORE link below, scroll down, enter your comment and SAVE.


A. Local and National Rules

Analysis: That because of the subtleties of local and national cultures, the uniqueness of local and national social and political dynamics and the wide diversity of local and national communication "scenes"...

Strategic Observation: ...For an E-E initiative to be effective decision making control has to rest with people and organisations internal to the context that is the focus for the E-E initiative

Extreme example: People from and in the Copper Belt district in Zambia designing and managing a programme focused on sensitive local and State wide issues in Kansas!

b. Writing for Entertainment and Entertainment-Education are very different skills and approaches.

Analysis: That when four important E-E elements of (a) technical knowledge related to the issue in question (b) perspectives of people most affected (c) all relevant research - from relevant overall impact date in this field to specific formative research for an issue and (d) resonance, resonance, resonance are thrown into the process then...

Strategic Observation: ...the writing skills required will be very different for E-E than when producing a straight entertainment "product".

Extreme example: A writer with a brilliant, perhaps Oscar or Emmy winning script, is asked to start again because the technical information conveyed, even though central to the plot line and embedded in the entertainment, conveys the wrong impression and meaning in the eyes of the people most affected and the technical experts on that subject or issue.

But hey - these are just my ideas and observations at 7am Saturday! .Do please contribute your own and have a crack at mine!


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Which Track to attend?

Like many of you, the choice of which track to attend has not been so easy. After 2 days of exciting sessions, I make bold to say that I am happy with the choices I made. The panelists have made their presentations offering different perspectives and styles and the sessions have been inspiring. For the ones I was able to participate in, most of them close not only with answers to some of the questions but more importantly with thought provoking discussions and comments that have the power to linger in our memory and also drive us further in our pursuit for excellence. Its hard to beleive that tomorrow is the final day and I do look forward to harnessing some of the contacts I have made. Kudos to the enire EE team. Great job

Re: [Development Networks ] Local and National Rules..and your O

Thanks for several emails .
Creativity , imagination , patience necessary for scientific writings .
Communication is a science .
Script writing is an art .
Organise Workshop on this topic .Only experienced faculty members , authors , writers  may be invited .
Prepare a comprehensive list of experts who can demonstrate their abilty .
Further ,  please specify your main objectives .
Its my opinion .

Best wishes .

Prof Dr Alay Ahmad

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