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Rural Development: 3 perspectives - Your critique


Rural Development: 3 perspectives - Your critique

To The Environment/Natural Resource Management Network within The Communication Initiative

Rural Development and environment/natural resource management issues are of course inextricably linked. Below are three perspectives on rural development strategies, all of which have an environmental focus.

  1. What is your overall assessment of these strategies?
  2. Which would work best in your context?
  3. What is the central strategy for your work?

Please share your perspectives in support of the work of all in this network.

Information Broker: Communicating and Monitoring Climate Change by Harry Surjadi

"Information brokers are citizens trained on basic journalism knowledge and skills. An information broker has the same knowledge and skills as citizen journalists do. She/he has capability on how to distinguish facts from opinion or analysis, as a professional journalist has. She/he also has developed the skills to write information (or news)." Full blog at this link

Mobile Phone and the Transformation of Lives: a tale of two Communities in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone by Steven Sam

"Tombo is one of the main fishing communities situated close to the capital Freetown. It has about 25,000 inhabitants. The majority of these inhabitants rely on fishing for their livelihood. In an interview with the harbour master Mr. Samuel Bangura as one of the key informants and a focus group discussion involving seven fishermen, it was revealed that the mobile phone has empowered local fishermen in this community to minimised wastage and increase revenue. In addition, the mobile phone has also helped minimise sea accidents, improve security risk at sea, and reduce illegal fishing" Full blog at this link

Dead and Resurrected by Arison Tamfu

"Ma Mojoko came and taught the women how to use the cellphone to know the real prices of pesticides and food crops on the market. So, after knowing the actual prices, they refused to deal with me, preferring to wait for buyers to come from Douala city and buy. I lost everything and my business crumpled," lamented Mama Mologan." Full blog at this link

Thank you

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