Girls and Equity - Strategic Communication Insights from Haiti experience

To: Children, Equity Network in The Drum Beat network

From: Warren Feek

Re: Children and Equity focused action

Hi - I was reflecting on the "Children and Equity" theme as I reviewed this report:

"Nobody Remembers Us": Failure to Protect Women's and Girls' Right to Health and Security in Post-Earthquake Haiti"

Often the most extreme situations provide the sharpest insights.


"The report finds, 18 months after the earthquake, the voices of women affected by the earthquake have been excluded from the reconstruction process - even though women are integral to the country's economy."

"For the women and girls interviewed by Human Rights Watch in the camps, their enjoyment human rights, such as the rights to life and health, remains poor (not withstanding benefits accruing from the presence of free care and experts on the ground), and most of them lack basic information that would allow them to access available services."

The question for us from this experience is: "What lessons can learned from this experience for effective ways to address equity issues related to girls?"

Please do open the link at scroll down and enter your perspective and analysis on his vital issue.

Thanks - Warren