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HIV/AIDS - Medical Developments - Communication and Media Strategies


HIV/AIDS - Medical Developments - Communication and Media Strategies

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Hi and best wishes. We have recently uploaded to The Communication Initiative platform 3 summaries that are on the general theme of communication related to medical treatment. (Click Read More link below to access the links to these summaries). To engage with your thoughts and insights on these issues, please just reply to this email - thanks.

The "medical treatment" element of the overall HIV/AIDS response seems to change very quickly. As people who may have media and communication perspectives and involvement/interest on HIV/AIDS issues what strategies and activities are your pursuing related to the "medical treatment" developments, for example:

  • Expectation "management" - eg - because a new medical treatment gets press coverage does not mean it is immediately available and may not be for sometime?

  • Equity of access - eg inevitably there is more demand than supply (check? correct?) for presently available medical options.

  • Primary medical focus - inevitably a 'drug" is a lot more appealing to people than a close exmination of their sexual behaviours or open conversations with family and friends on very sensitive and taboo sexuual issues

  • Complexity - inevitably the treatment drugs come with conditions (eg compliance requirements) and possible future ramifications (eg resistance).

  • Underlying social norms - for example possible gender biases and stereotypes

In your communication and media work strategically how do you address these and other issues?

Please share with this network. Simply reply to this email with your thoughts and ideas.
And here are the three examples that triggerred the questions above

Co-trimoxazole: Job Aids and Information to Increase and Sustain Use

HIVResNet: Global HIV Drug Resistance Network

Sex Work and Life with Dignity: Sex Work, HIV, and Human Rights Program in Peru

Thanks - please do reply with your insights. I hear a number of people both taking (often in frustrated ways) on these themes so would be good to have a conversation sharing thoughts, ideas and lessons learned.

Best wishes - Warren

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