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My name is Medgy Michaelle Seraphin. I am a well-qualified Haitian in Public Affairs and Administration fields.

I obtained a License in Public administration at INAGHEI University at Port-au-Prince(Haiti). I speak fluently French, English and Spanish. I have been working for the United Nations Stabilization in Haiti since May 16th, 2005 and my achievements are well appreciated by my supervisors and Colleagues. I have an ability to handle responsibility and build positive relationships with work colleagues at all levels.

I am someone who knows how to set goals and achieve them, and have a proven track record of being able to conceive, develop & execute strategies. I feel certain that my strong, my knowledge and my skills will be of immediate value to your company.

I very much hope that you will look favorably upon my account by recognizing my enthusiasm, talents in the field of Administration and Public Information and my future potential.

Yours sincerely,

Public Information Language officer
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