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Sharing your Research and Evaluation Work and Results


Sharing your Research and Evaluation Work and Results

Sharing your Research and Evaluation Work and Results

Best wishes. In the course of registering for the Social and Behavioural Impact day at UNAIDS in Geneva on March 29th, a number of people, amongst those who will be both attending and not attending in person, offered to share their evaluation and research work and results. We would like to encourage you to share those with this network through this forum.

Please do click on the "read more..." link below, log in with the username and password previously communicated, then click on the blog icon at top (a-blog), provide a brief summary (with links to any URLs with more detailed information) attach any relevant files and click "save" to submit. It would be excellent to share these. They will add considerable value to both the overall social and behavioural field of work in general and the Geneva process specifically. Plus...

  1. This will complement the meeting process where we have chosen a structure that is focused on the detailed examination of 4/5 evaluation initiatives.
  2. It will ensure that your knowledge is shared as part of this process with the network involved
  3. If we have not already summarised your research and evaluation work within the relevant CI section at we will do so and check in with you before making live
  4. From this process we are planning one (maybe more) issues of The Drum Beat e-magasine (48,000 subscribers at present) and very much like to include your work
  5. People in this network (click on the people icon) will be able to comment, review and ask questions re your research and eveluation.

Thanks - we really look forward to your contributions - best wishes - Warren

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