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Rights Focused Programmes and Strategies?


Rights Focused Programmes and Strategies?

Hi folks and thanks for being part of the HIV/AIDS Communication community within The Drum Beat network.

The issue of rights based HIV/AIDS programming and strategies is a constant source of focus for action and debate concerning best approaches. Below are 4 recent knowledge summaries shared by people engaged in The Communication Initiative Network. We would welcome your review and critique. What strategic and programming questions do these raise; what ideas do they stimulate; and, what problems/opportunities do they highlight?

Please simply contribute and share your insights by just replying to this email or clicking the Read More link below and commenting.

YOUNG WOMEN: LIFE CHOICES AND LIVELIHOODS IN POOR URBAN AREAS…"giving people living in poverty the power to: build critical awareness of their situation (conscientisation); organise and mobilise for individual and collective action, with us supporting and strengthening organisations and movements; monitor public policies and budgets; develop communication skills and platforms and respond to vulnerability and needs through rights-based approaches to service delivery…" More at

MAKING IT WORK: LESSONS LEARNT FROM THREE REGIONAL WORKSHOPS TO INTEGRATE HUMAN RIGHTS INTO NATIONAL HIV STRATEGIC PLANS..."A human-rights-based approach to HIV brings human rights standards and principles into the heart of all HIV programming. It empowers people to know and claim their rights and ensures that governments fulfil their human rights obligations in the context of HIV. In particular, a human-rights-based approach to HIV ensures: a focus on those most affected by the HIV epidemic…" More at

HIV, HEALTH AND RIGHTS: SUSTAINING COMMUNITY ACTION…"sets out high-level direction and sets 17 measurable goals ...until 2015 for linking organisations to use in coordination with national plans"... More at

CASTING A FINER NET: INVOLVING FISHING COMMUNITIES IN HIV RESEARCH…"focuses on HIV prevention strategies in Ugandan fishing communities along the shores and islands of Lake Victoria … to field test a number of community engagement approaches to distribute information on HIV and sustain the interest of Lake Victoria fishing communities in HIV prevention research…" More at



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