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Digital Early Child Development?


Digital Early Child Development?

To: The Early Child Development Community within The Drum Beat Network

From: Warren Feek

Issue: Digital and Early Child Development - Good Mix?

As digital media increasingly reach every corner of the globe so parents and people involved in early child development processes increasingly debate whether such technologies are "good" for early child development?

Many organisations have been looking at these questions. For your critical review below are just 3 links (there is a growing body of work on this theme) to knowledge generated by Sesame Workshop and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. From your perspective and in your context what is your critique of this knowledge?

Plus, please do share with this community your own knowledge, ideas and viewpoints on digital media and early child development.

For both purposes either just reply to this email and/or click the "Read More" link below and enter comments in the Comment block (Your username is above and there is a "Request New Password" option if you have forgotten"

Thanks for engaging - very much appreciated - the Sesame related links follow - Warren

Take a Giant Step: A Blueprint for Teaching Young Children in a Digital Age -

Always Connected: The New Digital Media Habits of Young Children -

Working Towards a Deeper Understanding of Digital Safety for Children and Young People in Developing Nations -

To see more shared knowledge please go to this link

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