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Impact of Malaria Communication – Processes, Challenges and Successes


Impact of Malaria Communication – Processes, Challenges and Successes

Many NGOs working in malaria communication or who are implementing malaria communication components in their malaria projects are facing a common dilemma: donors and stakeholders want to see the impact of communication efforts in order to continue supporting them and in many cases organisations are struggling to prove behaviour change that is directly linked to a malaria communication intervention. We would therefore like to use this forum to share experiences and lessons learned around gathering impact evidence on malaria communication.

To kick start this forum, we have received a very informative submission from Malaria No More who give us some great insight into the evaluation processes, challenges, and successes related to the Nightwatch Communication Campaign. Please click on the topic below called "Malaria No More Talks about Measuring Impact" to read their submission. We would also like to encourage you to give feedback, comments, or share your experiences.

If you would like to submit a similar write-up of your experiences around measuring impact, here are some guiding questions:
1. What are the main challenges you face in gathering impact evidence for Malaria communication programmes?
2. What solutions have you adopted to overcome those challenges?
3. What evidence, proof or conclusions can you relate that demonstrate the effectiveness of Malaria communication programmes you are involved with.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to

Soul Beat Africa: Malaria Network
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