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Hashtag, Live Feed, Virtual Participation


Hashtag, Live Feed, Virtual Participation

Wednesday, Mar 18
9 years 10 weeks ago

To: Participants - Research Methodologies

A hashtag has been created for this event - #commsresearch Can we please encourage you to include this in your tweets related to this work.

Please also include the link to the platform at in messages to your networks. We have now opened this up for virtual participation. Please feel free to share this with your networks. The shortened version of the link to the platform is

The live feed has also been established at The shortened version of this link is Would also be excellent if you could include that link in your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, etc messages to your networks.

Thanks - look forward to seeing the confirmed in person participants on Monday and also to "seeing" the virtual participants on Monday, albeit in a different form!

Thanks - Warren


Hi folks - if you are kind enough to reference The CI is in your tweets please use @warrencomminit NOT @comminit (it is a long story!). Plus the BBC Media Action tag is @bbcmediaaction - thanks - Warren

Research Methodologies
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