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Which is best annual meeting to piggy-back on?


Which is best annual meeting to piggy-back on?

Wednesday, Jul 11
General Task
10 years 37 weeks ago

If there is to be a regular C4D association meeting can we assume that we would piggy-back on another major meeting? Given the travel costs involved most people would want a two-for-one deal! If that is the case which is the best annual or bi-annual meeting to piggy-back on? Your ideas?

IAMCR takes place every year

IAMCR takes place every year in a different country and ICA takes place internationally every other year. I am sure there are other associations that I am not aware of.

Alternatively, the C4D Association could partner with regional UN offices every year or bi annually and hold the meetings in different regions to cut down travel costs for at least some of the participants every time the meeting is held.

Re: Best Annual Meeting

Re: Best Annual Meeting gathering place

To: Proposed C4D Association consultation group

From: Jo Tacchi

IAMCR is a good option I think - more so that ICA perhaps - because IAMCR has strong streams which could even be co-branded with the C4D Association. Pradip Thomas would be better placed to let us know if that would likely work, but at least there is a participatory communication stream, and a community media stream, and an international media stream... in theory could work very well.


(PS From Warren - Pradip - assigned to you as per Jo suggestion above)

Proposed Communication for Development Association
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